One of the depots along the Virginia Creeper Train route, near the junction of the South Fork and Middle Fork of the Holston River was called Barron’s Depot. When the spur line was opened to bring logs from the timbering operation on Whitetop Mountain, the community of Barron included housing for the work crews, the Barron Springs Chapel Church and postal service. When the Virginia-Carolina Railroad Company sold the line to the Norfolk and Western Railroad, a conflict arouse because the N&W Railroad had another depot on its train lines with a similar to Barron and they did not want to confuse the two for mail service. About this time (1920s), a couple of young local men traveled out west to visit relatives near Dallas, Texas, in the town of Alvarado. When the men returned, they suggested the name and it stuck. It is pronounced



*Information from Virginia Creeper Trail marker.

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